20 Best Things to Do in Bahrain (Part 2)

Things to do in Bahrain

Here's to getting more aware of the beautiful destinations in Bahrain. I already have the first 10 best things you need to do during your trip to Bahrain. Check out the rest of my list here! 🙂

11. Visit the Beit Al Quran 

Beit Al Qur'an is a complex in Bahrain specifically dedicated to the Islamic arts.

With its wrapping of carved Kufic script, the distinctive Beit Al Quran is a fine example of modern Bahraini architecture. It houses a large and striking collection of Qurans, manuscripts and woodcarvings and functions as a good introduction to Islam in general, and Islamic calligraphy in particular.

I didn't get a chance to visit the Beit Al Quran, but from what I have heard, I missed out on it big time, so make sure you visit it while you are in Bahrain.

12. Make a splash at The Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park 

The Lost Paradise of Dilmum is the biggest water park in Bahrain. And although the beaches in Bahrain are amazing you should head to this water park for an adventurous day of cooling off at the water slides.

13. Explore Bahrain by taking the local transportation 

Taking the bus in Bahrain is nothing short of an adventure and if you have a knack for exploring a country like a local, then this is something to consider.

However, you should ask someone to guide you on how to take the local transportation because I was completely lost when I traveled by it and ended up walking for about an hour.

14. Locate the Barbar Temple 

The Barbar Temple is an archaeological site located in the village of Barbar, Bahrain, and considered to be part of the Dilmun culture.

I highly recommend it to history buffs!

15. Check out the Burial Mounds 

Bahrain has what is believed to be the largest prehistoric cemetery in the world. Amongst its mysterious ancient remains are the thousands of burial mounds that dominate the landscape north of the Island. So while you are there, you should definitely check out these ancient cemeteries.

16. Watch the Gran Prix at the Bahrain International Circuit 

The Bahrain International Circuit is a motorsport venue opened in 2004 and used for drag racing, GP2 Series and the annual Bahrain Grand Prix.

If you have visited Bahrain and haven’t checked out the Bahrain International Circuit, then you haven't really been there.

17. Go on the roof of Seef Mall 

While the last thing on my mind when I visit a country, is to go to a mall, I highly recommend going to the rooftop of Seef Mall when you are done with your shopping spree.

18. Go cafe hopping at the Lagoon Park, Amwaj Islands 

Lagoon Park is usually an expat favorite because of the numerous activities that can be done on this artificial island. Plus there are tons of restaurants and cafes that you can check out there.

From water activities such as kayaking and waterboarding to bird watching and various outdoor activities, is there anything that is not offered on this island?  

19. Have a curry in a hurry at an Indian restaurant 

Bahrain might be an Arab country, but since 30% of the population consists of Indians, it is quite easy to find amazing Indian restaurants. Being a Pakistani, I was craving Biryani within a week of being away from home, which made me go on a hunt for an Indian or a Pakistani restaurant. And to my surprise, it was quite easy to find one. So within an hour, I was enjoying a wonderful meal of chicken tikka masala.

20. Soak in Bahrain's history at the Bahrain National Museum

Visitors to the museum will be taken on a 4,000 year journey through time as they pass through its halls, from the traditional handicrafts hall, to the customs and traditions hall, burial mounds hall, ancient documents and manuscripts hall, Tylos hall, and Islamic period hall.

Although, I am not so big on visiting museums, I had a pretty good time at the Bahrain National Museum. It provides an outstanding introduction to the history of the Kingdom.

And this brings us to the end of my list of things to do in Bahrain. Let me know if my blog has got you planning your trip to Bahrain already! ^.^

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